About us


There are so many ways to describe who we are and what we do; You can do it with emphasis or in a sharp way. We think that our philosophy can be summarized in few words:

First wine lovers, then wine producers


In other words, only if You love wine, You are able to produce a great wine. Passion and love, first of all.

degli Azzoni Wines is owned by three brothers, Aldobrando, Filippo and Valperto degli Azzoni and it goes from Tuscany to Veneto and Trentino and down to the Marche region, a beautiful and charming land still unknown.

Five are the estates: Conte Aldobrando in Tuscany, Conti Riccati in Veneto, Levide in Trentino, Conti degli Azzoni and Primafonte in the Marche region.

We are very proud to work in such different territories and realities, each one with its own peculiarity. It’s very challenging but all together these territories represent Italy’s essence.

Our spirit is focused on the land that we cultivate and the people who work it. For this reason, ten years ago, we started a new project where both, earth and people, are the focus.  We came out with the Sustainability Report, a deep and circumstantial analysis of our activities and their impact on the environment that surround us. Each year this report identifies the virtuous practices that we can apply to preserve Nature and to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption.   We started from the Marche region, with Conti degli Azzoni, and now we are extending the project to our other estates.

We should remember that we are Nature. In our daily acts we must keep it in mind.